05-15 November 2020


Student Showcase

CALL FOR STUDENT SUBMISSIONS for fall 2020 festival!


HIFF is currently accepting student submissions for this year's student showcase during the 40th Anniversary of HIFF's Fall Festival in November. There is no cost to submit. The films must be between 2 and 20 minutes in length and made after January 2019. The student film category includes all genres made by students in grades Kindergarten to 12th grade. Please submit your work on Film Freeway under the "Student Showcase" category at: https://filmfreeway.com/hiff

Deadline to be considered for the Student Showcase is August 28, 2020. 

Students whose films are selected for the Student Showcase will be invited to attend their screening and to participate in a post-screening Q&A sessions with audience members. HIFF’s Student Showcase is open to the general public during the festival and is free to attend.

For any questions, please contact Education Coordinator, Jen May Pastores at jenmay@hiff.org 

2019 Student Showcase


HIFF presents the best short films submitted by elementary, middle school, and high school students from Hawai'i. Students whose films are selected for the Student Showcase will be invited to participate in a post-screening Q&A sessions with audience members directly following the screening. Join us for this free, fun event open to the public!

Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 10:00 - 11:30AM
Regal Dole Cannery Theaters

Directors: Clarissa Ontal, Kalani Simmons, Charlie Ahlgren Folkert, Kaede Kimura, Naimah Ford, and Lauryn Ford | 2019 | 7 min
With a crazy boss, few slothful workers, and an audacious receptionist, this companies only hope is the intern.

Directors: Emma Tamashiro, Karissa Tabadero | 2019 | 4 min
After receiving a pass to the new time machine attraction at her local fair, Lina travels back time. Little does Lina know that one mistake can change everything.

Directors: Hokuaoka’ale Gilman, Kailani Ibanez, Mikaela Lagasca | 2019 | 4 min
What do kids think about the growing problem of plastic pollution? Our students explore young perspectives on plastic pollution causes, impacts and solutions through interviews with Maui kids ages five through ten.

Directors: Chloe Chin, Tessa Chin, Ka’imi Kaleleiki | 2019 | 2 min
In this short theatrical film, three generations of women reflect on the beauty of their island home and the changes they see taking place in their natural environment.

Director: Intro to Animation Students | 2019 | 8 min
An Ice skater, robot, ninja, aliens, cats, and others inhabit worlds brought to life through animation.

Director: Jessie Hearther | 2019 | 5 min
Fine is a film that depicts the generational loneliness that countless teenagers feel every day.

Director: Inez Anderson | 2019 | 3 min
Childhood friends Riley and Sam slowly realize their feelings for each other in a classic friends-to-lovers romance.

Directors: Keanu Frith, Tess Moretti-Hill, Gabriel Jeffers, Māhea Dunn | 2019 | 2 min 
This infomercial parody pokes fun at the overuse of pesticides and herbicides and the psychology used to market them.

Directors: Jesiah Malaikini, Huaka Park, Ire Pu-Akina, Nakualakuhikuhi Kanakeole-Park | 2019 | 9 min
In partnership with Ma Ka Hāna Ka ʻIke's project-based learning cohort at Hāna School, this short documentary features interviews with Hāna youth as they learn about traditional agriculture in Wailua and launch a student-run business growing hydroponic lettuce.

Director: Kaede Kimura | 2019 | 10 min
A teenage girl struggles to ask people for help and maintain her happy, upbeat YouTube personality when her real life begins to fall apart.

Bring To Life: 2019 Liliʻuokalani ʻŌlino Arts Animation Academy
Director: Linda Dorn | 2019 | 21 min
"Bring to Life" is a collection of student work from the 2019 ʻŌlino Arts Animation Academy in partnership with CalArts. Scenes in the reel were produced by high school-aged students from across the state under the tutelage of CalArts professor Linda Dorn and a team of BFA3 animation students. The academy meets for 4 weeks and over the course of the month, participants applied 2D animation techniques they learned to produce the scenes included in this reel. Lili`uokalani Trust is a private operating foundation founded in 1909, for the benefit of orphan and destitute children with preference given to Native Hawaiian children. The trust serves approximately 10,000 children annually through direct services and reaches thousands more through collaborations with community partners.




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