Section: DKII Future Filmmakers Showcase

Future Filmmakers Showcase

HIFF continues the partnership with the Daniel K. Inouye Institute, to build a better future by working with students and young filmmakers who have a powerful voice to reimagine a new world. The DKII Filmmaker Showcase features student finalists selected to showcase at HIFF and will also have the opportunity to meet a celebrity youth …

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Red attempts to climb to the top of a mountain she used to often visit with her sibling, Blue, and falls. Blue finds her, and brings her to the mountain peak, and they are reunited. Student filmmaker, Elizabeth Hope, is a Tlingit and Inupiaq artist in 8th grade who primarily focuses on the literary and …

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Pre-pandemic Chase is a productive student who is passionate about the environment. When the lockdown order is issued, he becomes lazy. Not wanting to continue his routine of productivity, his house is a mess, and the things he cares about become neglected. What will make him realize his actions are affecting others?


African-American teenager Gabby is challenged when her friends text her their uneducated thoughts on racism. She wants to speak up, but her inner self cautions against it. She leads Gabby to believe that Jesus would remain silent and tapes her mouth shut. Gabby realizes that this isn’t right, so she rips the tape off and …

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