06-24 November 2019



나의 특별한 형제

Spotlight on Korea
Sang-Hyo Yook

South Korea

2019 / 114’ / North American Premiere / Korean


Two kids—a quadriplegic named Se-ha (Shin Ha-kyun) and a mentally handicapped boy named Dong-gu (Lee Kwang-soo)—find each other after they are abandoned by their parents at a foster home for children with special needs. After rescuing each other from various misadventures, they soon develop a very deep friendship, realizing that they complement each other really well: Se-ha becomes the brain to Dong-gu’s brawn. But after living 20 years together, the local government threatens to shut down their foster home. Will these INSEPARABLE BROS finally be torn apart? Or will they find a way to work together and persevere despite all the adversities in their lives?

Directed by Yook Sang-hyo, this touching story is brought to life by the remarkable performances of the main characters, from Shin Ha-kyun’s ability to express the deepest of emotions with just his face, to Lee Kwang-soo fully embodying his role. “Heart-warming and infused throughout with mild drama and gentle comedy, INSEPARABLE BROS is an adorable film that champions love and family beyond blood-ties” - FILM INK

-Adrian Alarilla

Thursday 14 17:45 - 19:44Regal Dole Cannery 9 add
Saturday 16 18:30 - 20:29Regal Dole Cannery 13 add
Friday 22 20:00 - 21:59The Waimea Theater add
DirectorSang-Hyo Yook.
CastHa-Kyun Shin, Kwang-Soo Lee and Esom.
ScreenplaySang-Hyo Yook.
CinematographerSeung-Taek Sung.
Production designerYoung-Hee Kim.
EditorSang-Bum Kim.
MusicJi-Soo Lee.
SoundYoung-Chun Ko.
ProductionMYUNG FILM.

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