06-24 November 2019



「ココロ、オドル」Kokoro Odoru

Spotlight on Japan
Tsukasa Kishimoto


2019 / 96’ / North American Premiere / Japanese


What does it mean to live on an island? To see people arrive and depart? To watch them either stay for a quick visit, or to settle for a long time? Set in the quaint, picturesque island of Zamami, OKINAWAN BLUE explores what the island life means to its visitors and residents, weaving three strands of stories together into a sweet and moving omnibus film. A woman visits the island where her grandmother was born and learns what it means to bring the future to life with her partner. A father who left his son on the island comes back in an attempt to make amends. A man whose wife left him for another man has to deal with the reasons he decided to stay and live on the island after all these years.

Loosely tying these narratives together are characters that move in and out of the stories, especially the innkeeper of the Full Moon Hotel and her assistant, Yuhi, played by renowned Okinawan actor Shogen. Funny, quirky, and moving, OKINAWAN BLUE captures the breathtaking beauty and uniqueness of the region and its people. It is “a film that definitely stands out… through its narrative approach, directing, writing and acting” (ASIAN MOVIE PULSE)

-Adrian Alarilla

Tuesday 12 18:00 - 19:41Regal Dole Cannery 9 add
Saturday 16 12:30 - 14:11Regal Dole Cannery 9 add
Saturday 23 17:30 - 19:11The Palace Theater add
DirectorTsukasa Kishimoto.
CastShogen Shogen, Masaya Kato, Ikema Natsumi, Taeko Yoshia and Rino Nakasone.
ScreenplayRino Nakasone and Tsukasa Kishimoto.
CinematographerKobasigawa Kazuhiro.
Production designerMakoto Kohatsu.
EditorAkira Goto.
MusicAtaru Mukaezato.
SoundMasahiro Yokozawa.
ProductionFanfale Japan and co. Ltd..
PrizeAudience Award

Shigeru Kamiyama ... producer
Takeshi Shimabukuro ... executive producer

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