06-24 November 2019




Spotlight on Japan
Kan Eguchi


2019 / 123’ / Hawaii Premiere / Japanese


The Fable (played by Junichi Okada, SEKIGAHARA, SAMURAI’S PROMISE) is a mysterious ruthless assassin. No one knows anything about him except for his reputation as the deadliest man in Japan. But after a hit on a major crime boss, The Fable’s handler fears his cover may be blown. He sends him to Osaka with strict instructions to blend in and lead a ‘regular’ life for one year. No killing allowed. 
But can this born assassin change his ways? And will he survive the day-to-day life of a working joe? And furthermore, as he tries to fit in (with often hilarious results), what will happen when the local gangs start to embroil him in their gangland affairs? Part comedy, part action thriller, THE FABLE from director Kan Eguchi, is one of the most fun, unique, and entertaining films of the year.

-Anna Page

Friday 15 18:00 - 20:08Regal Dole Cannery 9 add
Saturday 16 21:00 - 23:08Regal Dole Cannery 1 add
DirectorKan Eguchi.
CastJunichi Okada, Fumino Kimura, Koichi Sato, Mizuki Yamamoto and Ryo Kimura.
ScreenplayYusuke Watanabe and Katsuhisa Minami.
MusicAntongiulio Frulio.
PrizeNeuchatel International Film Festival Best Asian Film Award, Fantasia Film Festival Best Action Film Award

Visual Effects by
Kimiyuki Hashimoto ... visual effects coordinator: Annex Digital
Masao Takaoka ... visual effects production director: Annex Digital
Seki Takaomi ... visual effects manager: Annex Digital (as Takaomi Seki)
Teppei Wakabayashi ... visual effects production producer: Annex Digital

Alain Figlarz ... fight choreographer
Brendan Stallings ... stunt actor

Other crew
Rosemary Dean ... English subtitles
Tetsuro Shimauchi ... English subtitles

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