06-24 November 2019



ACM UHM Night / SFA Showcase
Emma Daily, Briana Smith and Su Kai

United States

2018 / 16’ / World Premiere / English

Short film

Cold Water Warm Heart: Jane, a local student in Hawaii gives her friend and roommate Liu the last pill in the medicine bottle because she heard her coughing in the room next door. The next morning, Jane found out that Liu did not take the medicine that she had been given and Jane began to question their friendship. The next day at a friends birthday party, Liu leaves the table and Jane confronts her about why she did not take the medicine Jane had given her. Jane was hurt that her kind gesture had been rejected. It turns out that Jane had misinterpreted some of the cultural differences between America and China and thus had come to the wrong conclusion about their friendship. Kanpai: Grace must overcome her anxiety while meeting her girlfriend's parents for the first time with an added challenge: a language barrier. A Lonely Evening In Chinatown: Janelle, a 22 year old coffee barista, meets Leonard, a rugged, handicapped man, as she waits for her bus to go home.

Tuesday 12 18:00 - 19:57Regal Dole Cannery 18
DirectorEmma Daily, Briana Smith and Su Kai.
ScreenplayEmma Daily, Briana Smith and Su Kai.
ProductionAcademy for Creative Media.

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