06-24 November 2019



Terrence Malick

United States, Germany

2018 / 173’ / Hawaii Premiere / English

A return to great cinematic form since his last Oscar contender THE TREE OF LIFE (2011), Terence Malick’s latest film is a World War II–adjacent drama that depicts the true story of an Austrian peasant farmer named Franz Jägerstätter (August Diehl) who refuses to pledge loyalty and fight for the Nazis. A devout Catholic and conscientious objector, Malick’s tried-and-true film techniques paint a profoundly defiant portrait of faith in crisis. It is an intimate epic about the unwavering strength required for resistance, and the courage that it takes for one to hold fast to their virtue during a crisis of faith, and in a world that may never reward them for it, and in 1940s Austria, it was the reign of the Third Reich. 
Apparently inspired by Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE, Malick’s Christian leanings are in the forefront in A HIDDEN LIFE. The final result is perhaps Malick’s most linear narrative ever, but with the same poetic tropes and visual style of previous classics such as THE THIN RED LINE and THE NEW WORLD. As the auteur grows older, his ecclesiastical perspective becomes central to his stories, especially man’s true test of convictions. As Franz says in the film with resolute belief, “What’s happened to our country? We’re killing innocent people, raiding other countries, preying on the weak. If our leaders are evil, what does one do?”

-Anderson Le

Friday 15 19:30 - 22:28Regal Dole Cannery 18


DirectorTerrence Malick.
CastAugust Diehl and Valerie Pachner.
ScreenplayTerrence Malick.
CinematographerJoerg Widmer.
Production designerSebastian Krawinkel.
EditorRehman Nizar Ali.
MusicJames Newton Howard.
SoundDavid Forshee.
ProductionFox Searchlight Pictures.
PrizeCANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Ecumenical Jury Prize

Robert Kellough - Sound Engineer

Joe Gleason, Sebastion Jones - Editing

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