06-24 November 2019



European Showcase
Levan Akin

Sweden, France, Georgia

2019 / 113’ / Hawaii Premiere / Georgian


“The softness of a first romance feels strong - at once through sharp bodies and honey-sweet desire” states the review from Sight and Sound for Levan Akin’s third feature film AND THEN WE DANCED, a sensuous drama that conjures the glint of gay desire amidst the lithe but forbidding orthodoxies of a Georgian dance ensemble.

Merab (Levan Gelbakhiani) has dancing in his blood. Both of his parents and grandmother were professional dancers. A prodigy himself, he has been training at the National Georgian Ensemble with his partner Mary (Ana Javakishvili) ever since he was a young child. He works hard to perfect his movements within the rigid confines of Georgian traditional dance. Constantly berated by his teacher,  a burly man with a gray beard who looks more like an Orthodox priest than a choreographer, he screams, “There is no sexuality in Georgian dance!” Soon after, a new student enters the studio, Irakli (Bachi Valishvili), who is the antithesis of Merab in dance style, attitude and outlook in life. Merab’s world is torn asunder with this new element, who soon becomes both his rival and strongest desire.

Apparently, when the film was shot in actual Georgian dance studios, the film crew kept the gay elements of the plot hidden from decision-makers, since much like the dance teacher’s attitude in the film, they are very conservative. What director Akin has accomplished is both a story that is thrilling and familiar, a classic coming-of-age and coming out story, while also capturing amazing dance sequences with visceral fluidity. AND THEN WE DANCED also has one of the best soundtracks from any film released this year.

-Anderson Le

Saturday 9 18:00 - 19:58Regal Dole Cannery 16
Monday 11 15:00 - 16:58Regal Dole Cannery 18
DirectorLevan Akin.
CastLevan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili, Ana Javakishvili, Giorgi Tsereteli and Tamar Bukhnikashvili.
ScreenplayLevan Akin.
CinematographerLisabi Fridell.
EditorLevan Akin.
MusicZviad Mgebry.
ProductionTakes Film.

Ketie Danelia.....producer
Mathilde Dedye.....producer

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