06-24 November 2019



Hamish Bennett

New Zealand

2019 / 95’ / Hawaii Premiere / English


This quietly powerful feature debut, told with warm humor, takes us into the heart of a small rural town in New Zealand, where a community comes together after a tragic death.

Ross (Marshall Napier) has farmed the land all his life, just as his father and grandfather did before him. A quiet man, who keeps to himself, Ross farms the land alongside his far more gregarious wife Beth (Annie Whittle), who is a staple of the community, especially participating in the local choir. When she suddenly passes away, Ross is crushed and becomes even more distant, cutting himself off from everyone. His son Bruce (Cohen Holloway) returns home in an effort to help, but years of city life has made him soft as a farm hand. Like father like son, he also finds it difficult to express himself.  Around them, their friends realize the difficulties, and pitch in to help. 

Director Hamish Bennett says: “The characters of BELLBIRD were inspired by my childhood neighbors in the small rural Northland community of Tauraroa… You don't see many outward displays of affection or emotion, but this can't be mistaken for not caring. It's very much the opposite. The love, the loyalty, the reliance – it can all be found in the little moments, buried under the layers of cheeky banter and cow shit.”

-Anderson Le

Wednesday 13 17:45 - 19:40Regal Dole Cannery 18
Sunday 17 11:15 - 12:55Regal Dole Cannery 18
DirectorHamish Bennett.
CastCohen Holloway, Rachel House, Marshall Napier and Annie Whittle.
ScreenplayHamish Bennett.

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