06-24 November 2019




Spotlight on TaiwanCareful What You Pack Shorts
Wu Ray


2018 / 25’ / International Premiere

Short film


Taiwan is overrun by zombies. A-Huo along with his wife, Gui-Chun, runs to a fishing harbor but misses the ferry they want to take. They decide to hide in an office of Fishermen’s Association and get some rest. Gui-Chun is so exhausted. It is not until the moment when she asks him, ‘what will you do if I am bitten by a zombie?’ that A-Huo notices a bleeding bite on her arm.

Saturday 9 11:45 - 13:39Regal Dole Cannery 16
DirectorWu Ray.
CastYang Li Yin, Hsu Chien Yu and Wang Yu Chang.
ScreenplayWu Ray and Chen Mark.
CinematographerChao Eric.
Production designerChang I Feng.
EditorLee Chun Hong.
MusicChang Shao Ting.
SoundChang Shao Ting.
ProductionTaiwan Public Television Service and Mark CHEN.

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