06-24 November 2019




Connecting The Dots Shorts
Fuyuko Mochizuki


2019 / 14’ / North American Premiere / Japanese

Short film

Within the Tokara Archipelago in Japan, lies the remote island of Akuseki. It's home to 83 residents, and one mysterious visiting deity called BOZE. This is a community that suffers from the declining population like many remote communities in Japan, but unlike any others, this one welcomes all that arrives from the sea with an open heart, even a lost boy.

Friday 8 17:30 - 19:25Regal Dole Cannery 16
DirectorFuyuko Mochizuki.
CinematographerJohn Enos.
EditorFuyuko Mochizuki.
SoundRob Mayes.
ProductionASHI FILMS.

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