06-24 November 2019



ACM UHM Night / SFA Showcase


2019 / 16’ / International Premiere / Chinese
First feature

Short film

Xiaohai accidentally found his father derailed. Xiaohai was very entangled about telling her mother the truth. In a boat, Xiaohai and her mother were caught in heavy rain, and Xiaohai returned home weak. Father saw the weak Xiaohai, and constantly blamed his mother. In Xiaohai's eyes, father is such a brutal, constantly bullying his mother. Xiaohai got up angrily and told her the truth. But it did not occur to me that Xiaohai was thus plunged into a bigger mystery.

Tuesday 12 20:30 - 22:23Regal Dole Cannery 18
CastWei Xing, Gouzhou Dong and Xingbo Han.
ScreenplayMingji Zhu.
CinematographerKai Zhang.
EditorMingji Zhu.
Productionshanghai Film Academy andShanghai University.

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