06-24 November 2019



ACM UHM Night / SFA Showcase
Yiwen Zhu and Shasha Lan


2019 / 6’ / World Premiere / Chinese

Short film

In the war years, a pair of childhood friends had to be separated, a flute and a promise, affected a Chinese girl's heart. Many years later, when the American writer JOE came to China, he wrote a legendary story in the flute sound and in his dream, when facing the woman who had kept the promise for 60 years.

Tuesday 12 20:30 - 22:23Regal Dole Cannery 18
DirectorYiwen Zhu and Shasha Lan.
CastLorenzo Brady, Weiling Xu, Yiduo He and Ran Bi.
ScreenplayShasha Lan.
CinematographerZhihao Ling.
EditorYiwen Zhu.
SoundWillard Peralta.
ProductionZHU YIWEN.

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