06-24 November 2019



Pacific Showcase
Arahanga Becs

New Zealand

2019 / 17’ / Hawaii Premiere / Māori

Short film


Aotearoa:1600’s While playing games with her friend Tama (13), Hine (also 13) gets her first bleed. The whanau joyously send her to a distant site specially for sacred female rituals. She is accompanied by other women from the tribe, including Te Haeata. When they arrive, Hinekura experiences her first ritual into womanhood. However Hine isn’t ready to let her childhood go, so after setting up camp that night Hine sneaks back to the river to find Tama. But Tama aware of the importance of this time, tells her to to go back. She returns to find Te Haeata waiting for her near the campsite. Te Haeata begins to induct Hine into the school of weaponry. As they walk back to the camp,Te Haeata speaks to Hine about her role, but stops when she sees a stranger watching them from the bush. The next day, Hine seeks solace at the lake. Her sister joins her. As they talk, the stranger from the other night arrives and tries to drag Rona away. Hine fights him off and realises her place as protector.

Monday 11 20:00 - 22:17Regal Dole Cannery 18
Tuesday 12 15:00 - 17:17Regal Dole Cannery 14
DirectorArahanga Becs.
CastKahumako Rameka, Jarod Rawiri, Kasina Campbell, Te Ohorere Reneti and Hinetu Dell.
ScreenplayBecs Arahanga.
CinematographerSimon Temple.
EditorLuke Evans.
MusicSimon Gallagher.
PrizeThe Auckland Live Spirit of The Civic Award
The NZIFF 2019 Audience Award

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