06-24 November 2019



Pailin Wedel


2018 / 76’ / Hawaii Premiere / Thai
First feature


What are the limits of love and science? When a two-year old Thai girl named Einz tragically dies due to a rare and aggressive brain cancer, her scientist father decides to have her cryogenically frozen—becoming the youngest person in the world to undergo the procedure—in order to wait for a future where her cancer can be cured and she can be revived. Einz’ whiz kid older brother, Matrix, is implicated as well, when his father encourages him to pursue scientific research in order to continue his dream of reviving Einz beyond his own lifetime.

HOPE FROZEN is a thought-provoking documentary by journalist and filmmaker Pailin Wedel. Encapsulated in the deeply personal story of a family trying to cope with the loss of someone so young are piercing questions on the viability of the emerging field of cryonics, the philosophy of death (especially in relation to Thai Buddhist ways of thinking), the ethics of science, and the expansive capability of love.

-Adrian Alarilla

Monday 11 17:30 - 18:51Regal Dole Cannery 16
Thursday 14 15:15 - 16:36Regal Dole Cannery 16
DirectorPailin Wedel.
CastSahatorn Naovaratpong, Nareerat Naovaratpong and Matrix Naovaratpong.
ScreenplayPailin Wedel and Nina Ijäs.
CinematographerMark Dobbin, Acs.
EditorNina Ijäs.
MusicChapavich Temnitikul.
SoundAkritchalerm Kalayanamitr.
ProductionPailin Wedel.
PrizeBest Documentary Feature at Hot Docs and Montecine

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