06-24 November 2019




American Indies
Sasie Sealy

United States

2019 / 87’ / Hawaii Premiere / Chinese
First feature

Veteran actress Tsai Chin (THE JOY LUCK CLUB, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, CASINO ROYALE) turns in a compelling and funny performance as an ornery, chain-smoking Chinese grandmother with a small-time gambling habit. She cherishes her independence, which worries her family. When a local fortune-teller predicts a most auspicious day in her future, Grandma decides to work off that newly acquired good luck and head straight to the casino. She goes “all in” and lands herself on the wrong side of luck. She soon becomes entrenched in the middle of a NYC Chinatown gang war. Realizing she cannot simply walk away from this turf war, Grandma decides to get some muscle and employs the services of a bodyguard from a rival gang.
Director Sasie Sealy brings to life a dark comedy about immigrant life, the vulnerabilities of aging, and an unexpected friendship. Set in alleyways, casino buses, and underground mahjong parlors with a cast of richly drawn characters, including Taiwanese breakout talent Corey Ha as the bodyguard. In the end, LUCKY GRANDMA is a love letter to Chinatown and an homage to all the badass ‘poh-pohs’ out there in Chinatowns everywhere.

-Anderson Le

Tuesday 12 19:45 - 21:17Regal Dole Cannery 13
Thursday 14 15:30 - 17:02Regal Dole Cannery 13
DirectorSasie Sealy.
CastTsai Chin, Corey Ha, Michael Tow, Woody Fu and Yan Xi.
ScreenplayAngela Cheng and Sasie Sealy.
CinematographerEduardo Enrique Mayén.
Production designerCassia Maher.
EditorHye Mee Na.
MusicAndrew Orkin.
SoundLee Salevan.
ProductionParris Pictures and Cara Marcous.

Penny B. Jackson ... co-executive producer
Milton Liu ... associate producer
Gilana Lobel ... line producer
Joanna Lu ... associate producer
Gine Lui ... co-producer
Melvin Mar ... executive producer
Cara Marcous ... producer (produced by)
Krista Parris ... producer (produced by)

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