06-24 November 2019




Spotlight on China
Huang Huang


2018 / 121’ / Hawaii Premiere / Mandarin Chinese
First feature

In a remote part of inland China, one of the most prestigious martial arts schools in the nation prides itself on its rigorous curriculum steeped in unwavering traditionalism. Newly-minted teacher Lu Youhong (Noah Jin) lands his first job at the academy with the dream of making a real difference in the lives of his pupils. He encounters his first problem student: a shy, introverted pupil named Zhang Cuishan (Yunxiao Hou), who is always trying to run away due to frequent bullying from his peers. In an institution that values brute strength and skill, is there a place for thoughtfulness and intellect? Can both teacher and student learn to conform to such traditional standards, or can they imagine another future for themselves and for the school?

A light-hearted DEAD POET’S SOCIETY with a kung fu spin, this funny, touching commentary on traditional schooling earned director Huang Huang the Spirit of Asia Award at the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival.  “Featuring endearing actors with endearing performances and some genuine moments of humor, WUSHU ORPHAN is a strong debut from fresh talent Huang Huang” (ASIAN MOVIE PULSE).

-Adrian Alarilla

Friday 8 18:15 - 20:21Regal Dole Cannery 14
Sunday 10 12:30 - 14:36Regal Dole Cannery 13


DirectorHuang Huang.
CastNoah Jin and Yunxiao Hou.
ScreenplayHuang Huang.
CinematographerYong Liu.
Production designerXun Meng.
EditorHuang Huang.
SoundGary Chen.
ProductionDadi Films.
PrizeThe Spirit of Asia Award

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