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Director: Ian Frank Bressel
Cast: Ian Bressel, Abby Wilson, Megan Lewiston, Micah Jones, Christa Collings
Cinematographer: Ian Bressel, Abby Wilson
Synopsis: A climber, perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea, sets a top rope for her climbing partners. That climber is Abby Wilson, an outdoors enthusiast and professional photographer from Logan, Utah. We see an outlook into why abby climbs and why she started climbing in the first place, taking place in a gym in her hometown. Then, a masking transition takes her to Hawaii, where she climbs at Makapu’u and Waimea with her friends from Utah and tells her story of how and why she inspired others to take up climbing.


Director: Ian Severino
Producers: Apisak Chaisomkhun, Daniel Le
Cast: Justin Kimata, Malachi McSherry, Katherine Ganel, Jillian Jackson
Cinematographer: Mandy Sugihara
Synopsis: When Kyle discovers that his high school classmate is secretly the hotshot gamer known as “Leethality808”, he invites her to play a competitive match of the popular shooting game, Fortday, with him online in an attempt to win her attention. Against all odds, she accepts his invitation, but it takes more than “pogchamp” plays and buttery-smooth vocals to impress this gaming prodigy. If Kyle wants to earn her affection, he’ll have to find the courage to shed the anonymous safety of his gaming tag and confess his true identity as the face of the humiliating viral meme, “Cringe Kid Kyle”.


Director: Jiwoo Lee
Producers: Yixiao Qin
Cast: Micah Matsumoto, Tia Kalehuakilipohe Hielson Abreu, Kyungjae Lee, Sam Rasquero
Synopsis: When you visit Hawai’i for the very first time, you might be surprised about wild chickens everywhere around the island. Since wild chickens are not considered as domestic animals, they are not protected by the law which allows people to capture or even shoot them with an approval. In many cases, highly populated birds in the city can be easily stigmatized as a harmful animal by the unpleasant fellow citizens. HOME explores the variety of relationship between people and wild chickens in Hawai’i. People are trying to protect their community, but wild chickens have become a huge part of it. Now we need to find a home for wild chickens, if it’s not already taken over by humans. Who can approve someone (or something) to become a member of society? How can we coexist with chickens in this city?


Director: Debbie Kwon
Producers: Molly Tapken, Mirren Hollison
Synopsis: Haru, a recently deceased girl whose spirit still roams the world, is hesitant to leave earth because of her fear of not knowing what will happen to her family. She spends her last days on earth seeing the beauty that the world has to offer through new heights through scenery based off of Korea’s landscape. . With the help of some magical flying kites, Haru is able to find her own peace.


Director: Florence Jane Andres
Producers: Jonz Stoneroad, Brandon Bernaldes
Cast: Anaya Clark , Romyn Sabatchi, Tessie Magaoay, Rea Chupek , Quinn Kalani
Cinematographer: Justine Mar
Synopsis: Raven Lucielle Agcaoili is the lonesome daughter of her late mother, Vivian, whom she lost to COVID-19. One year later, she struggles to be at peace with her loss as she buries her grief–reimagining a world where her mother is still alive. However, remnants of the truth that Raven tries to ignore finds their way in to invade her false reality, reminding her that she can’t run forever. Raven must confront and accept the truth even if it hurts, but not without knowing that a mothers love is unconditional and will continue to be here long after she is gone, so long as Raven keeps her close to her heart. Look Up To The Stars is based on the true story of the director’s emotional journey with grief and inspired by a poem she wrote for her mother’s 5 month death anniversary, which is featured within the film itself.

Director: Justin Pascua
Cast: Hope Kanoa, Kanoe Nakata, Daven Chang, Athena Zamora, Mahina Kanoa
Synopsis: An experimental film born from the Hawaiian proverb, “return to the backbone,” MY DOG HAS FLEAS follows a half Hawaiian young woman, Hope, as she returns from the mainland to her birthplace of O‘ahu after a long time away from home, only to be greeted with judgement and shame. The separation between her and her homeland drives a cultural divide between her family. In light of this, she turns to music and makes an offering to her ancestors to reconnect with the ʻāina and her ʻohana.


Director: Justin Gerald Ocampo
Producers: Anya Carroll, Justine Mar, Mya Ceballos Palmer
Cast: Calista Labrador, Phae Lagrisola, Darryl Soriano, Agaton Pasion
Cinematographer: Kalei Kalaukoa
Synopsis: In this sobering semi-autobiographical drama, a Filipino family grapples with the grave consequences of a domestic abuse incident, forcing two loving sisters, Tala and Hanan, into conflict over their father’s flaws and the morality of his actions. Left with nothing to rely on but each other, the Narciso sisters must reckon with the truth of their trauma and re-evaluate their understanding of the roles of each family member plays in relation to each other. Dramatic acting and true to life set design sets the stage for this examination of a Philippine family in the diaspora when the survival of a sisterly bond is at stake.


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RUN TIME: 73 Minutes



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