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October 17, 2019

HIFF39 MADE IN HAWAI‘I expands with 'Ohina Filmmakers Lab Films

MADE IN HAWAI‘I is HIFF’s annual section that presents films right from our backyard. This year’s crop of films is short film heavy, thanks in partnership with the 'Ohina Short Film Showcase, as they transition fully into artist development via their Filmmakers Lab, and HIFF takes charge of exhibiting their films.

A total of 21 films comprise this section, with ten works vying for the MADE IN HAWAI‘I Award for Best Film presented by Film Hawai‘i and the Nichols Family Film Fund. To see the full list of films programmed for this section, head over to the MADE IN HAWAI‘I section.

In addition presenting new films, we also honor the past with our annual partnership with ‘Ulu‘ulu, the State’s official archive for moving images located at the University of Hawaii—West Oahu. Although, not officially part of this section, we have partnered with the Hawaii‘i Council for the Humanities via Film For Thought, to present a free film and talk story program that encapsulates the months long protest/protection happening on Mauna Kea. Here are some highlights:

8:08—HOW WE RESPOND: On the morning of January 13, 2018, the State of Hawai‘i issued a false missile warning leading millions to believe an attack was imminent. The culture of live-streaming provided a real-time record of those who chose to deal with their own mortality in selfie-mode.

HAOLE: Thirteen-year-old David Kealoha dreams of escaping rural Hawaii. But when Jonah, a white kid from Phoenix, Arizona moves into the neighborhood, tragedy strikes, irrevocably changing the trajectory of David's life and those closest to him.

REEL WĀHINE OF HAWAI'I SEASON 2: This new season of short docs highlights Hawai'i’s prominent women filmmakers: Editor and producer Lisa Altieri; Filmmaker and educator Lisette Flanary; Filmmaker Erin Lau; Filmmaker Myrna Kamae; Documentarian and educator Marlene Booth; and animator Laura Margulies.

MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK: THE WEAVERS OF THE HAWAII STATE CAPITOL TAPESTRIES: ʻUluʻulu preserves our moving image history to honor the past, and ensure their availability for future generations. This year we honor those women who were commissioned to create the massive tapestries that hang on the walls of the State Capitol chambers. For 50 years they have adorned the walls of the Senate and House chambers, quietly providing color, background, style, and decoration – but it took a village to create them. We will take a look back in time to see the many hands that made light work.

MAUNA KEA: THROUGH THE KIA‘I LENS: Free to the public, this special film program and panel discussion explores the ‘Kapu Aloha’ movement happening on top of Mauna Kea and the fight to block the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project.

TOKYO HULA: Local filmmaker Lisette Marie Flanary returns TOKYO HULA, the third and final chapter in her “Hula Trilogy.” More individuals are learning how to dance hula in Japan than in its homeland, creating a multi-million dollar industry that questions the commodification of Hawaiian sacred culture.

‘OHINA SHORT FILM SHOWCASE: Five new short films that went through the ‘Ohina Filmmakers Lab and will be screened as part of the MADE IN HAWAI‘I Shorts program, and will encore in the stand-alone ‘OHINA SHORT FILM SHOWCASE program during the Festival. The films are: OTHER PEOPLE by Bryson Chun; LIKE MADDAH by Rena Shishido; THE PIT WHERE WE WERE BORN by Alexander Bocchieri; FALL GUY by Bradley Crawford; and MO‘O! by Anela Ling.  

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