HIFF is proud to present the US Premiere of the long awaited ANITA, a biopic spanning the life and legacy of legendary singer and actress Anita Mui. A household name in Hong Kong, queen of Canto pop, Anita Mui was the very definition of a cultural icon during Hong Kong’s golden age in the eighties and nineties. With a career that began at the age of 4 in an amusement park, Mui dedicated almost her whole life to music. Behind her stardom, her personal life, passion at work and the love for friends made her an irreplaceable role model of “The Daughter of Hong Kong”.

The film opens with her unforgettable last concert, and spans her incredible life, from her childhood days singing with her sister, to her activism and community service in her later years. ANITA covers the defining moments of her life from her breakthrough success to her most controversial periods, her passionate romances, and her heartfelt friendship with Leslie Cheung. Directed by Longman Leung (COLD WAR), this multi-dimensional portrait offers a glimpse into the world of a woman who was beyond definition and who lived according to her own rules. While this story is truly brought to life by newcomer actress Louise Wong who shines with her striking and nuanced portrayal of Mui.

A long time in the making, ANITA also represents the fulfillment of a promise made by producer Bill Kong to Anita Mui before she passed away. 18-years-later, ANITA is her last wish brought to life. Join us to experience the tour-de-force that was Anita on the big screen.

-Anna Page




Showtime Dates: November 7, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Consolidated Theatres Kahala
Passholder Access: All Access, Supporter
Showtime Dates: November 10, 2021
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Consolidated Theaters Kahala
Passholder Access: All Access, Supporter

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Film Details

DIRECTOR(S)Longman Leung
PRODUCER(S)Ivy Ho, Bill Kong, Wai But Tang
SCREENWRITER(S)Longman Leung, Jack Ng
CASTLouis Koo, Ka Tung Lam, Terrance Lau, Fish Liew, Louise Wong, Yo Yang, Miriam Yeung

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Film Details

PREMIERE STATUS: United States Premiere
YEAR: 2021
RUN TIME: 136 Minutes
LANGUAGE: Cantonese, with English subtitles


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