긴 하루

Over the course of a single day in four vignettes, a group of interconnected artists, novelists, and filmmakers have a series of interactions, some planned, some by chance. In a Hong Sangsoo-esque fashion, the protagonists in this conversational film muse over love, life, longing and art.

When a novelist moves into his new house, he is bombarded by a strange woman who claims she used to live there. A budding filmmaker scouts a location she wants to shoot with her boyfriend, but arguments get in the way. Two people who lost their spouses in the same car accident connect and deliberate whether the deceased were having an affair. And a writer visits an old friend, hoping to receive permission to turn her story into a film.

With humor and drama, this lyrical film from director Cho Sung-kyu explores our human desire to create meaning in our lives, even where there’s none to be found.

-Anna Page


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Access Window: November 4, 2021 - November 28, 2021
Passholder Access: All Access, Supporter, Hale Virtual Festival, Individual
Only Accessible from: USA

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Film Details

DIRECTOR(S)Cho Sung-kyu
CASTNam Bo-ra, Lee Da-hye, Kim Dong-wan, Kim Hye-na, Seo Jun-young, Sun Min, Shin So-yul, Kim Sung-je, Jeong Yeon-joo

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Film Details

PREMIERE STATUS: Hawai‘i Premiere
YEAR: 2021
RUN TIME: 100 Minutes
LANGUAGE: Korean, with English subtitles


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