Below are FAQs and How To videos that we hope may help with any issues you might have

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via email, phone, or use our online chat when available.

☎︎ +1 808-447-0577 or +1(844) 249-4531 | [email protected] | Online Chat 

HIFF40 Technical Support Staff is Available:

 November 5th – 29th: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm HST

Closed Sundays



Hawai‘i International Film Festival’s 40th online edition will be live from Nov 5th at 12:15am – Nov 29th at 11:45pm HST we have partnered with CineSend on creating a streaming platform that will host most of our films. We will have some in person screenings offered from Nov 5th – 22nd, 2020.


Effected films are:


HIFF40 films will be streaming exclusively at and our streaming apps.

You must purchase a subscription or ticket at before going to the to gain access, the email confirmation will have direct links to watch on your laptop or mobile device. 

You can also download our “Hawaii International Film Festival” app on your Apple TV, Roku App, or Amazon Device to view the films, you can login if you purchased a pass or enter your voucher # when purchasing a single film.

All HIFF40 films are noted in Hawaii Standard Time. Films that have limited availability are all listed in HST for the availability windows.

Yes, there will be select films offered in person at the theater. Due to the ongoing social distancing measures, there will be very limited seating and a cap of 30% of the theater will be sold.  We will usher people to seats with seats inbetween all parties. FACE COVERINGS  must be warn at all times during the movie.

Schedule can be found at:

You can watch any online film at any time, unless specified. The festival dates are Nov 5th – 29th, most content is available during that time you can also refer to our ONLINE SCHEDULE page to get dates and access restrictions. 

If you purchased a pass you can login to watch them at any time, unless specifed.

If you purchased a single ticket to a particular film, you have 72 hours (unless otherwise specified – certain timed films do not follow this rule as they are only available during certain hours) from the time you first hit play.

In person screenings are scheduled at their designated times.



This depends on the film, but most films can be viewed more than once. Please note that if you purchased a pass it can only be logged into on one device at a time.

If you purchased a pass you can login to watch them at any time for the entirety of the festival dates. If you purchased a single ticket to a particular film you have 72 hours from the time you click play.

To keep the atmosphere of a physical festival, we will be hosting several FREE online HIFF Talks and Q&A’s with HIFF40 filmmakers. Check the website for updated dates and times. Keep in mind that all times are listed in Hawai‘i Standard Time (HST).

Most Q&A’s are recorded in advnace and will be avalble in the bonus section online at


Yes, livestreams are recorded and made available on HIFF.ORG, and the HIFF Facebook page. Q&A’s will be available on the films bonus content page online.

We will be printing a limited run of brochures for the 2020 edition. If you are a HIFF Ohana member, you will receive a brochure in the mail.  Film descriptions, schedules, and everything you need to know about the festival will be posted on our website, and the brochure will be downloadable in PDF form at HIFF.ORG before the festival dates.
The current venues being used: Consolidated Theatres Ward with TITAN LUXE Address: Ward Entertainment Center, 1044 Auahi St, Honolulu, HI 96814 Consolidated Theatres Pearlridge Address: 98-1005 Moanalua Rd #600, Aiea, HI 96701 Olino by Consolidated Theatres with TITAN LUXE Address: 91-5431 Kapolei Pkwy #600, Kapolei, HI 96707 Consolidated Theatres Mililani with TITAN LUXE Address: 95-1249 Meheula Pkwy Suite 173, Mililani, HI 96789 >
We are selling very limited seating to in person screenings. We are selling the theater at 30% capacity to give people lots of space between parties. You will be ushered in first come first serve, with multiple seats between all parties. FACE COVERINGS to be warn at all time while at the theater. Please respect the 6 foot rule between people when exiting, getting concessions, or using the restroom. We will sanitize the theater between the screening.
No, all tickets must be purchased in advanced for in-person screenings. 

Consolidated Theatres is adopting a wide range of new policies and procedures for health and safety, following federal, state and local guidelines. Click here for a breakdown of what to expect when you visit the theater, and some things to remember before you arrive! Please note that at this time, no food or drinks are permitted to be consumed within our cinema.


You can watch content on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running macOSX 10.12+. You can also watch films on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Safari. You may also download our Apple TV and Roku apps for your smart tv as well. 
  • Windows 7+ 
    • Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera. We recommend using the latest version of your browser. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • macOS 10.12+
    • Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. We recommend using the latest version of your browser.
  • Android tablets and phones (Version 6.0+)
    •  Supported Browser: Google Chrome
  • iPhones & iPads (iOS 11.2+)
    • Supported Browser: Safari
    • Please note that you must have “Screen Mirroring” turned off for content to play.
  • Hawaii International Film Festival app on Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire App
Yes, you can watch content using Safari on iOS 11.2 or later. Please note that you must have “Screen Mirroring” turned off for content to play.
You can AirPlay from most browsers if you have Apple TV by selecting the AirPlay button (NibHSXV97upPaif0iFheBonnwVn42eIfCta3QExWOP2aPf5mwMHoMI3nFy9ESFWmNzzfcGQ44m0ixJ_JczIcWA36dJNLKA9xVllL8ne4rQkOh5AzRtSmunKiRkpFtv-0weOelsza) in the bottom right-hand side of the player.

One way to watch on your TV is by directly connecting your computer (or other devices) to your TV via HDMI cable. Here are guides on how to connect using a Mac or if using a PC.

We do offer an Apple TV, Roku and a Amazon Fire app for download if you would like, but it is not required. 

Apple TV App*

*Available only for Apple TV models Generation 4 and higher.

  1. From your Apple TV device, launch the App Store.
  2. Search for the app Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) and install the app. Here’s how to download apps from the App Store to your Apple TV.
  3. Once the app is installed, it will ask you for a code to connect to your account. On your computer, navigate to and log in.
  4. When on the homepage, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, select Watch on My TV, enter the code from your Apple TV device and follow the instructions.
  5. You must first unlock programs on your computer, tablet or smartphone to be able to watch them on your Apple TV.


  1. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, add the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) channel
  2. Click Yes, add channel to add HIFF to your account.
  3. Check your TV to see if the HIFF app has been added. Select the app with your TV remote to bring up the program on the app.
  4. Once the app is installed, on your computer, tablet or smartphone, navigate to and log in.
  5. When on the homepage, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, select Watch on My TV, enter the code from your Apple TV device and follow the instructions.
  6. You must first unlock programs on your computer, tablet or smartphone to be able to watch them on your Roku

Fire Stick

  1. Launch your Fire Stick and select the magnifying glass icon from the top menu.
  2. Using the directional pad, type in the name of an app.
  3. Then select the app from the list.
  4. Press the center button on your remote to select an app.
  5. Then select Get or Download.
  6. Wait for the download to finish and select Open to launch it.

You can Chromecast from a Chrome web browser on PC and Mac computers as well as Android devices by selecting the cast button in the bottom right-hand side of the player. Note: At this time, Chromecast is not available to cast from Apple iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad.

You can also stream directly from a tab in the Chrome internet browser to a TV connected to a Chromecast device from your Mac or PC computer. Once your Chromecast is set up you can stream directly from your computer.

  1. On the video page, open the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the window (or the View menu) and select Cast. Make sure the tab you want to be displayed is the one you are selecting to cast.
  2. Select your Chromecast source (consider selecting Chrome tab) and your Chromecast destination. Chromecast will then be connected and video will be playing on your TV.
  3. To disconnect from Chromecast, click the blue Stop icon next to your casting destination.
  4. If there are any issues with the Chromecast stream, try setting the video to a lower quality.
  5. Still having trouble? Here’s a guide on how to use Chromecast from your computer.


You can AirPlay from most browsers if you have Apple TV by selecting the cast button on the bottom right-hand side of the player.

  1. Make sure your devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, Apple TV or Smart TV) are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Using the Safari browser on your Apple computer, iPhone or iPad, go to the AirPlay icon.
  3. Connect to your Apple TV by entering the code. Your device screen should appear as a mirror on your TV.
  4. If you are having audio sync issues when AirPlaying from your computer, try connecting from an iPhone or iPad.
  5. If you are trying to AirPlay to a Smart TV, you must first select the program you want to watch from your Apple device and then select the AirPlay button from within the player.
  6. Still having trouble? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use AirPlay.


We use adaptive bitrate streaming, which means the streaming quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed. If your internet connection is weak or inconsistent, you may experience problems during playback. If you’re on wifi, try moving closer to your router.

Most films don’t have closed captioning, if the film is not in English the film will have English subtitles, we have requested closed captioning for all english films from the distributors, unfortunately not all films can support closed captions.

Most films can be watched as many times as you want within the permitted time frame. If you purchased an individual ticket the film is only watchable for 72 hours from the time you purchased the title.

You use the volume on your computer to control the volume of the current title you are watching.


Here’s a list of solutions for various devices that should help fix playback issues.

  1. Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. You can check your internet speed here:
  2. If you are using AirPlay, try connecting from an iPhone or iPad rather than a laptop.
  3. If you are using Chromecast, make sure your device and Chromecast are on the same wifi network.
  4. Restart your computer or device, and TV. 
  5. Reboot your internet modem and/or wireless router.
  6. Log out of your account and then log back in.


  1. Are you logged into the correct account? Please check your login status. If you are logged in, you will see a circle with the initials of the account holder.
  2. Try clearing your browser’s cache and restarting it. Please also make sure you are using the latest, up to date version of a supported browser (listed above). 
  3. Disable any ad-blocking software, browser extensions and/or plugins + add ons as some of these are known to interfere with website functionality. Once done, close and reopen your browser and try visiting our website again. 
  4. If you are plugged into your TV via HDMI connection, try unplugging and replugging in the HDMI cable. 
  5. Restart your wireless router or modem. Power it off, then wait 20 seconds and turn back on.



Yes. HIFF and Elevent work with an industry leader in security and authentication to make its site secure. To safeguard your credit card information, HIFF and Elevent uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the industry standard online ordering security system. SSL encrypts all ordering information so that no part of your order, including your name, address and credit card number, can be read in transit by an unauthorized third party.

HIFF is committed to protecting your privacy. The information we collect about you is used exclusively to process orders and to provide a more personalized experience. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. We will not ask for your authorization to share your account information. Your personal password is the only key to access your account.

Your email address is used to identify you as a subscriber and used to send you confirmation of your transaction. It is also used to send you confirmation of future payments as well as to send you our newsletter and other HIFF special offers if you choose to receive them. HIFF UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHARES YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH THIRD-PARTIES.