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HIFF TALKS PODCAST: Interview with Darieus Legg, HIFF43 Key Visual Artist

HOCCI’s Olivia Trice interviews Darieus Legg, the artist behind HIFF43’s key art visual and main trailer artist. Darieus’ style was inspired by his love of manga and anime (Katsuhito Otomo and Osamu Tezuka) and his philosophy of “being stoked” as a lifelong surfer, born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai‘i.  In addition, he

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Climate Gentrification

Portraying the Faces of the Climate And Housing Crises In RAZING LIBERTY SQUARE

Filmed over the course of five years, RAZING LIBERTY SQUARE is a powerfully directed and insightful documentary that follows the redevelopment of New Liberty Square, a $300 million mixed income public housing complex, which begins with the demolition of Liberty Square.  Liberty Square is a historically Black neighborhood of Liberty City located in Miami, Florida

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HIFF Selects


Although there have been countless romantic movies set in New York City over the years, Mabel Cheung’s AN AUTUMN’S TALE tells a less conventional story by focusing on immigrants in Chinatown. Released in 1987, the movie follows a young woman from Hong Kong who finds comfort, companionship, and belonging in an unlikely person who helps

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Climate Gentrification

Reflecting upon freedom of the press in BAD PRESS [Op-Ed]

The fragility of freedom of the press is at the forefront in the documentary feature BAD PRESS, which screened at this year’s Hawai‘i International Film Festival (HIFF43). The unique precarity surrounding the issue is detailed onscreen as viewers follow Angel Ellis, a reporter for Mvskoke Media and part of the Muscogee Creek Nation, which is

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Hawai‘i Films


HOMETOWN LEGENDS and ISLAND COWGIRLS are two films that are preserving ʻike Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Knowledge) from nā kupuna (elders) themselves. It is tradition for nā kupuna to pass down knowledge to the younger generations by ma ka hana ka ʻike, learning by doing. In these films, the audience watches as nā kupuna reminisce on their

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UNCLE BULLY’S SURF SKOOL represents Maui’s resilience

Community leaders are unsung heroes. Oftentimes, they are unfortunately left unrecognized by those outside of their sphere of influence, no matter how much good they contribute. Bull Kotter, lovingly known as Uncle Bully, is one of Maui’s heroes, and the documentary UNCLE BULLY’S SURF SKOOL tells his story so that his goodwill may never be

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The HIFF ONLINE CREATIVES & CRITICS IMMERSIVE (HOCCI) program supports sustainable film criticism in Hawai‘i through mentorship and paid career opportunities. The mission of HOCCI is to broaden diversity in film criticism across the Pacific region and use influencer branding strategies to spark career opportunities in Hawai’i, not be hampered by oceans, state borders and distance, because geography is no longer a barrier. The 2023 HOCCI supports 4 Hawaii-based AAPI critics to be a HIFF43 press cohort to cover films, themes, and filmmakers at the 43rd Annual Hawai’i International Film Festival presented by Halekulani.




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