06-24 November 2019




Spotlight on Japan
Junichi Mori

Japan, South Korea

2019 / 128’ / International Premiere / Japanese


Natsume Hamanaka was a police rookie with a promising future until she was in a car crash that killed her brother and took her eyesight. Three years later, she gets around with her seeing-eye dog Pal, but she's unable to get over her regret and devastation. One evening, she encounters a car collision and hears the faint voice of a young woman from inside the car pleading for help before the car speeds away. On recounting the incident to the police, however, they conclude that she's an unreliable witness and psychologically unstable so they drop the case.

 Armed with investigative know-how from the police academy and her insights and enhanced senses, Natsume is certain that the girl in the car was kidnapped. The car had collided into a teenage skateboarder, Haruma Kunisaki, who she teams up with and they undertake their own investigation.

 THE WITNESS is directed by Junichi Mori and is a remake of the 2011 Korean film BLIND.

-Adrian Alarilla

Sunday 10 19:45 - 21:58Regal Dole Cannery 1
Friday 15 18:00 - 20:13Regal Dole Cannery 13
DirectorJunichi Mori.
CastRiho Yoshioka, Koji Ohkura, Kodai Asaka, Jun Kunimura and Miyuki Matsuda.
ScreenplayKiyomi Fujii and Junichi Mori.
CinematographerFuta Takagi.
EditorRyuichi Takita.
SoundHisashi Takeuchi.
ProductionKII Muneyuki and YOON Andy(Executive Producer)KOIDE Masaki.

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