1920s Tianjin, northern China. The son of a martial arts master and his most talented apprentice fight to take over a prominent martial arts academy. But rather than obey the rule of settling disputes behind closed doors, they take their fight to the street. Esteemed screenwriter XU Haofeng (Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTER, as well as the acclaimed THE FINAL MASTER in 2016, which he directed) co-directs with his brother XU Junfeng, setting 100 YARDS in the transitional world of early 20th Century China. Transitional not only in martial arts, but also all of Asia as Western encroachment becomes more prominent. But it all boils down to the rules and regulations when it comes to martial arts houses. However this isn't a martial arts film burdened by trade disputes, as the action is forefront, in grand studio sets and elaborate production design, reminiscent of old Hollywood and Shaw Brothers classics. Throw in some Spaghetti Western tropes and 100 YARDS is a return to form of classic martial arts movies that they don't make anymore.


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Hawaii National Bank



Xu Haofeng, Xu Junfeng


Jacky Heung


Jacky Heung, Andy On, Bea Hayden Kuo, Tang Shiyi , Li Yuan


Shao Dan