보통의 가족


Jae-wan (Sul Kyung-gu), a successful lawyer, takes on the case of a rich executive’s son, who has purposely run over and killed a man and left his daughter seriously injured. It’s Jae-wan’s job to defend a murderer, just another rung on his career’s golden-stepped ladder. His younger brother (Jang Dong-gun), on the contrary, is a scrupulous and upstanding pediatrician, who always puts the health of his patients over profit and money, often contravening the rules of the private clinic where he works. One fateful night, the two brothers bring their wives together for a meal to discuss the their family and ailing mother. But while they are out, their teenage kids sneak out for a night of drunken excess, with devastating consequences. Putting conscience to the test, the two must now decide the fate of their children… A NORMAL FAMILY is the latest work by renowned Korean filmmaker Hur Jin-ho (CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST, ONE FINE SPRING DAY). A drama about privilege, nepotism, and moral decline, the film explores the darker side of normalcy in a transglobal tale of binding blood ties that end up disintegrating the lives of its protagonists.

서로 다른 신념의 두 형제 부부가 우연히 끔찍한 비밀을 마주하게 되면서 벌어지는 이야기. 허진호 감독의 탄탄한 연출과 출연진들의 흠잡을 데 없는 연기력은 ‘정상적인’ 가족의 삶이 무너져 내리는 이야기에 무게감과 우아함을 더해, 헤르만 코흐의 베스트셀러 소설 ‘더 디너’의 가장 뛰어나고 힘이 넘치는 영화화를 이루었다

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Hur Jin-ho


Kim Won-kuk


Sul Kyung-gu, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Hee-ae, Claudia Kim


Go Rak-sun