The World is a transitory inn for all creatures, and time is a transient passenger passing through all generations. — Li Bai Faye (Ariel Lin) is an architect at a crossroads, struggling with her love life, career and family, as she returns home to take care of her ailing father. This sparks her to reminisce fondly of her childhood with her deceased grandfather, who was more of a parental figure in her life. To remember is to transcend, therefore it''s a story of time and space, overlapped and intertwined. It''s also a meditation on love and work, a spiritual and emotional journey through which values are re-examined and life reaffirmed. In the end, what Faye has been yearning for is not a ''home'' in the conventional sense, but an ''inn,'' with memories, experiences, and people from all walks of life, spiritualism, time, and space, are all visitors that parlay life lessons. The directorial debut of Hwarng Wern-ying after an illustrious and award-winning career in art direction and production design (a seven-time Golden Horse nominee) for celebrated Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien, who executive produced this film.


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Hwarng Wern-ying


Hou Hsiao-hsien


Ariel Lin, Vic Chou, Ethan Juan


Yu Jing-pin