French-Caribbean musician Joseph Bologne, who adopted the name Chevalier de Saint-Georges, is the subject of the biopic CHEVALIER, and is portrayed by Kelvin Harrison Jr. in the titular role. Set in pre-revolution Paris, not the best time for a half-Black, illegitimate son of a wealthy plantation owner and an enslaved black woman, Chevalier is endowed with unparalleled musical talent, athletic skills, and a quick wit. He rises well above his rank to the extent that he can call Queen Marie Antoinette his friend, though ultimately his fate is cast by an intolerant society that cannot see past the color of his skin. Tragically, much of Chevalier’s work was destroyed when slavery was reinstated in France in 1802, though the great musician is now recognized as the first classical composer of African descent. Full of opulence and romance, this electric and boisterous biopic is a fitting tribute to a true original, CHEVALIER is directed by TV veteran director Stephen Williams, who co-executive produced and directed some of the most iconic episodes of LOST, with screenplay by Stefani Robinson (current showrunner of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS).



Stephen Williams


Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, Stefani Robinson, Dianne McGunigle


Stefani Robinson


Kelvin Harrison Jr, Samara Weaving, Lucy Boynton, Minnie Driver



5:00 PM — Consolidated Theatres Kahala