What if THE WALKING DEAD was set in the Hawaiian Islands? Ten years after a worldwide zombie outbreak, a group of seafaring survivors finds refuge with a tropical island community, only to discover a zombie-worshiping cult with plans to rule the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Entirely shot on O‘ahu with a local production crew with a notable, diverse cast led by Branscombe Richmond (FINDING OHANA, RENEGADE), in a particularly off-kilter, unhinged performance as a man adapted to the new normal of human survivalism. Co-directed by locally based filmmaker Fairai Richmond (his short film THE TREE played at HIFF 2018) and Adam Deyoe (PSYCHO SLEEPOVER and YETI: A LOVE STORY for Troma Entertainment), DECADE OF THE DEAD is a fun riff on THE WALKING DEAD and LOST. Although produced with a small fraction of the budget, this homegrown genre film, shot at many familiar O‘ahu locations like Kualoa Ranch, shows the passion and homegrown desire to make genre stories set in Hawai‘i, beyond the usual Hallmark channel romances full of lovelorn tourists at luaus, drinking Mai Tais. DECADE OF THE DEAD is a worthy addition to the zombie genre.



Adam Deyoe, Fairai Richmond


Loren Semmens, Bryan Spicer, Joel Michaely


Jenna Leigh Green, Dean Geyer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Branscombe Richmond, Shane Johnson, Corsica Wilson, Marissa Merrill, Joe Towne, Keili Lefkovitz


Shawn Hiatt