Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen’s first English-language project assumes the intimate perspective of a woman in limbo. Living in self-exile on a Greek island, Jacqueline, a Liberian refugee, spends her days wandering, withdrawn from others while barely making ends meet. She gradually emerges from her shell when she is befriended by an American tour guide (am empathetic Alia Shawkat), but her unspeakable trauma continues to haunt her. Brilliantly restrained and concise in its storytelling, DRIFT is an engrossing character study and a touching depiction of a life-changing friendship. Academy Award nominee Cynthia Erivo (HARRIET, next to be seen in the WICKED film adaptations) is one of the most talented performers working today, with a deep bench of prodigious talent as a Broadway star and singer. Her quiet and moving portrayal as Jacqueline brings a silent maelstrom to the film. Kudos goes to Hawai‘i's own Lauran Bromley who serves as executive producer and one of the driving forces ushering this film to the finish line, continuing her mission to amplify stories of social justice and policy change on behalf of women around the world.


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Anthony Chen


Cynthia Erivo, Anthony Chen, Naima Abed, Emilie Georges, Peter Spears, Solome Williams, Lauran Bromley, Maor Azran


Cynthia Erivo, Alia Shawkat


Crystel Fournier