Ji Hyun-Soo (Ju Ji-Hoon) is a prideful but effective private detective with a purportedly 100% success rate in solving cases. One day, a potential client hires him to find a pet dog. Hyun-soo accompanies his client to a remote cottage, where he is attacked and knocked out cold. When he awakens, he finds he’s been framed for the disappearance of his client. But en route to the police station, the police car is struck by an incoming car. In the aftermath, Hyun-soo is somehow mistaken as a prosecutor. It’s not long before he meets the no nonsense incorruptible Prosecutor Kim Hwa-Jin (Choi Sung-sun), and seeing an opportunity to clear his name, he teams up with her to investigate the disappearance. Its during this investigation they figure out that Kwon Do-Hun (Park Sung-Woong), a CEO of a major law firm, is somehow involved… What transpires is a slick crime thriller, with mystery twists and turns, and charismatic performances that make GENTLEMAN a fun, twisty whodunit with a K-drama sheen!

올 연말 짜릿하고 통쾌한 쾌감을 선사할 유일한 범죄 오락 영화 <젠틀맨>이 극장가를 찾아온다. <젠틀맨>은 성공률 100% 흥신소 사장 ‘지현수’가 실종된 의뢰인을 찾기 위해 검사 행세를 하며 불법, 합법 따지지 않고 나쁜 놈들을 쫓는 범죄 오락 영화.

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Kyoung-won KIM


Ji-Young Lee, Min-Ki Hong


Ji-hoon Ju, Sung-eun Choi, Sung-woong Park


Bong-Sun Byun