Growing up following in the footsteps of her kūpuna (ancestors), Cindi Punihaole learned to live in harmony with nature. As outside development, industrialization, and tourism rose, Cindi saw Hawai‘i islands’ ecological health decline. Yet, for the first time in her life, the pandemic illuminated the resiliency of Earth’s landscapes and reinforced her mission to protect these critical resources and educate generations of environmentally-conscious minds to come. Cindi embodies the bay she protects. Gentle and inviting on the surface; brimming with life and spirit and generations of Hawaiian wisdom within. She is soft spoken but powerful; patient though tenacious; understated yet strong. Her slight figure is offset by her striking black hair and directly intelligent brown eyes. Full of aloha and quiet determination, Cindi Punihaole is a true “keeper” of the land and sea. Through Cindi’s narrative and interviews with scientists, government officials, business leaders and others in the community, audiences will discover the tremendous efforts put forth behind the scenes to preserve this paradise. PRECEDED BY: KĀHULI United States, Hawai‘i 2022 | English | 27M DIRECTOR: Chris A. Johns


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Palace Theater 11/4/2023 5:30pm

Presented in Multiple Parts


Hawai‘i’s native snail species, which play significant roles in our ecosystem and Hawaiian culture, face a...
27 min | Chris A. Johns | | FESTIVAL PREMIERE | English
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