When freedivers Sachiko Fukumoto and William Trubridge are unable to access the natural water-birth they passionately want for the birth of their first child in Japan, they travel to Aotearoa New Zealand. There they are supported by a world-leading midwifery system to have the birth they dreamed of. Sachiko wonders how many other mothers are fighting for control of their birth journeys and she seeks out ocean-women across the Pacific region. Along the way she meets other prospective mothers–Kimi Werner (Hawai‘i), Rava Ray (Tahiti) and Ioana Turia (Cook Islands)-- they all feel a deep connection to the ocean, and this played a big role in their pregnancy and birthing choices. Sachiko also interviews midwives from across the Pacific including from her native Okinawa, many of whom battle regulations and a lack of resources in order to support parents. Sachiko’s journey reveals that when people are given knowledge and are supported emotionally, physically and culturally, they are more likely to have a positive birth experience, no matter where or how it takes place, whether it's in hospital or at home, on land or in the water.


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10/28/2023 3:00pm Maui Arts & Culture Center
10/29/2023 2:30pm Waimea Theater



Katherine McRae


Migiwa Ozawa, Shin Yamaguchi, Alex Reed, Karin Williams


Sachiko Fukumoto, Kimi Werner, Rava Ray, Ioana Turia, William Trubridge


Justin Turkowski, Tim McKenna, Johnny Beasley, Elise Lanigan, Kazunori Nagatani, Tatsunori Sunagawa, Jonathan Sunnex, Peter Zuccarini, Jake Mokomoko, Kelsey Williamson and many more.