말할 수 없는 비밀


Based on the Taiwanese hit film starring and directed by popstar Jay Chou, this new South Korean adaptation stars another popstar, Korean boy band member Do Kyung-soo (aka D.O. of EXO). He plays You-jun, a once-promising pianist who returns home from Europe, as a result from an injury that has destroyed his confidence. As he practices in a long forgotten music room at his hometown''s university, he has a chance meeting with a young woman named Jung-a playing mysterious music, and the encounter forces him to make a once-in-a-lifetime choice, but there are roadblocks. Unlike Yu-jun, who wants to get closer, Jung-a repeatedly pulls away and confuses him with her secretive actions. Searching for Jung-a’s whereabouts when she vanishes one day, Yu-jun comes across Jung-a’s hidden secret, one that involves time and space (read: IL MARE). A true star-crossed romantic melodrama, this version updates the original 2007 Taiwanese hit with tried and true Korean touches at the intersection of music and film. The second feature from female director Seo You-min, HIFF is proud to present the World Premiere of this romantic fantasy.

예술학교로 전학 온 상륜은 아버지의 영향을 받아 피아노에 천부적인 소질을 보인다. 학교를 둘러보던 중, 신비스러운 피아노 연주가 흘러나오는 옛 음악실을 발견하게 되고, 그곳에서 샤오위를 만난다. 그들은 아름다운 피아노 선율처럼 즐거운 시간을 보내고, 둘 사이에는 애틋한 마음이 싹튼다. 그러나 상륜이 샤오위를 더 알고 싶어할 때마다 그녀는 비밀이라고 일관하며 의미심장한 미소만 짓는다.

그러던 어느 날, 샤오위는 상륜이 같은 반 여학생 칭이와 뽀뽀하는 모습을 보게 되고, 그의 곁에서 사라지는데…

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SEO You-min


Kim Won-kuk


Do Kyung Soo, Won Jina


Yang Hyun-suk