THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND is an ensemble cast film made up of eight short interconnected segments all taking place in Yaeyama, Okinawa. It features people who have lost somebody important in their lives, and in search of places where they can feel at home. Riko, a teacher on Ishigaki Island, reunites with Ao, a childhood friend who has been away in Tokyo for 10 years. As they gets closer, her father brings her an offer of marriage with another man. Riko struggles to reconcile with her parents wishes and her own desires. A high school graduate Yuuri is sent to Ishigaki island to help her uncle run his guest house. One day, she encounters the practice of traditional Yaeyama dance, learns the meaning of the choreography, and begins to reflect on her relationship with her father. Having lost his wife at a young age, a traveler visits Yaeyama every year to reminisce about her. The traveler, pulled by his feelings for the deceased, begins to sort out his own feelings while immersed in his memories. Like boats passing over the island, each story intersects with the other.This film is in celebration of the 50th reversion anniversary of Okinawa from the U.S., while also portraying the Yaeyama islands’ unique traditions through a contemporary lens.



Naoto Mitake


Yoshimitsu Ohba, Hajime Nakagaki


Shogen, Kazuma Sakiyama, Hitomi Nakahodo, Tsukushi Horai, Shinobu Miyara


Andrzej Rudz