WHO WE BECOME provides an intimate look into “kapwa” (Tagalog for “togetherness”) and the unbreakable bond of the Filipino family. It follows three Filipino women each coming into their political consciousness and discovering themselves during a pivotal moment in their lives. Lauren never expected her final college semester to take place under pandemic lockdown. Uncomfortable with unmasked family gatherings, Lauren goes home for her Zoom graduation. After George Floyd’s murder, Monica tells her parents she''s thinking of attending a BLM protest only to be encouraged to stay home and pray. After defying their wishes and with the impending 2020 election, Monica uses social media to reach across the aisle. Isolated by the pandemic, Jenah questions her life path having left a nursing career to pursue her calling as an activist and artist despite her parents’ concerns. With violence against the Black and Asian communities escalating, Jenah struggles to find ways to help.

Director PJ Raval will be in attendance

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PJ Raval


Cecilia R. Mejia


Lauren Yap, Monica Silverio, Jenah Maravilla, The Yap Family, The Silverio Family, The Maravilla Family


Lauren Yap, Monica Silverio, Jenah Maravilla