HIFF comes full circle where it all began with our next HIFF Drive-In popping up at the Varsity Building in Mo‘ili‘ili this weekend! 40 years ago, the Festival screened 7 films at the former Consolidated Varsity Twins at the same location. HIFF is partnering with Kamehameha Schools and Wai Wai Collective by presenting two feature films made in Hawai‘i. Come support local and thought provoking filmmaking under the stars! Also, a mahalo to Creative Industries Division, DBEDT for supporting this drive-in series.

In addition, when you purchase your ticket online, you can also add on plate lunches offered by restaurant partners Blazin’ Steaks and Phuket Thai! Drive-In and food purchases must be made online and prior to start of event to be as contactless as possible as outlined by city public health protocols.


(Hawai‘i/USA, 2020, 90 min)
Director: Anthony Banua-Simon

Hollywood productions have utilized the Hawaiian Islands as paradise for their main characters to explore. In this documentary, Hollywood footage and old commercials are gathered to craft a portrait of the economic and social exploitation of Hawaii’s people and their culture. Many working-class people of Hawaii boast of their small parts in classic Hollywood productions starring Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, or Charlton Heston.

Others express their joy to work for plantations and factories with low wages and harsh working conditions. But, behind-the-scenes, many individuals struggle to maintain their jobs, their land, and their culture from the imposing tourism industry and Hollywood films that slowly push authentic Hawaii culture to the sidelines. CANE FIRE interweaves four generations of family history while examining the past and present of large corporations that utilize the people of Hawaii to craft a story for the tourists rather than casting them as the voices that must be heard.

Saturday, November 14, 7:00pm | Purchase Ticket Here


(Hawai‘i/USA, 2020, 88 min)
Director: Mitchel Viernes

On her days off of work, Chanel finds herself at the beach. Her only source of comfort is between the waves and the sand. While surfing helps mend the emotional wounds of her parent’s death, Chanel still struggles to connect with her drug-addicted brother, Caleb.

Then one day, Caleb is injured in a hit-and-run accident. While convalescing in the hospital, Chanel vows to help her brother heal his physical injuries and his drug problem. Memories of their parent’s surface while they are together and conversations about surfing binds them as one family. But while mending their broken relationship, another problem arises that challenges Caleb’s already broken spirit. WATER LIKE FIRE is a tale about the courage to walk through fire until you find peace.

Sunday, November 15, 7:00pm | Purchase Ticket Here

Mahalo for Kamehameha Schools & Creative Industries Division, DBEDT for their support of HIFF Drive-Ins at Varsity Building/Ka Wai Wai on November 14 & 15 and at Windward Mall on November 21 & 22. 

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