HOCCI @ HIFF42: PLAN 75: Subtlety in Tragedy [Video Essay]

PLAN 75 was an official selection of the 42nd Hawai‘i International Film Festival presented by Halekulani. The film will be released in U.S. theaters and on demand in early 2023.

Here is a video essay review of PLAN 75 by HIFF ONLINE CREATIVES & CRITICS IMMERSIVE (HOCCI) mentee Carson Lommers. After the HIFF42 screening, Carson overhears a couple in the audience debating if the premise of the film (a government-supported euthanasia by choice program) was real or not. That overheard conversation is the starting off point to Carson’s elegant review to an equally elegant, award winning film from director Chie Hayakawa.

View the video essay below to watch their full review:


Carson Lommers is a sophomore Creative Media student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Originally from Corvallis, Oregon they moved to Hawaiʻi to attend school and pursue their passion for film. Carson hopes to incorporate their other passions such as philosophy, LGBTQ+ activism, and feminism into their filmmaking and writing while attending college and after graduation. With their degree Carson wants to move back to the Pacific Northwest and apply to work at a local production office while still working on individual film projects.

The mission of the HIFF ONLINE CREATIVES & CRITICS IMMERSIVE (HOCCI) program is to encourage film criticism in Hawai‘i by using the influencer branding strategies to spark career opportunities in the State and not be hampered by oceans, state borders and distance, because geography is no longer a barrier. Ten mentees participated in this program, giving them press industry access to HIFF42. In addition, the cohort attended mentoring sessions by working critics in the online film journalism community in unique silos: Writing, Podcasting, Video Essays and Vlogging.

Mahalo to DBEDT Creative Industries and Creative Lab Hawaii for their support.

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