How to use your HIFF40 10-Pack

If you are reading this, we hope that you have purchased the HIFF40 10-Pack, a discounted ticket package of 10 ticket vouchers that you can use to see any online feature film program at HIFF40 Streaming Platform!
Unlike a limited or all-access pass, this is a ticket package of 10 voucher codes that must be redeemed when you choose what movie you want to see. With one more week left of the Festival, this is the best value you can get to experience HIFF40! To learn more on how to redeem your codes in the 10-Pack, head over to our HOW TO HIFF for step-by-step instructions.
Don’t know where to start once you’ve purchased your 10-Pack? No worry, beef curry! Our HIFF40 staff has got you covered with their own personalized HIFF40 Top 10 Lists. From the biggest commercial hits from East Asia, to social justice documentaries, to amazing student films, and true gems made by local filmmakers that are sure to move you, these recommendations are great starting-off points to get your viewing queue up and running!
So, what are you waiting for? Get the HIFF40 10-Pack and start watching films from around the world (and right here from our backyard) and take the opportunity to experience the 40th anniversary festival before it ends on November 29! Also. make sure to follow the instructions on how to redeem your 10 voucher codes and get started!
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