HIFF XR (formerly HIFF VR) is our showcase for cutting-edge projects at the intersection of storytelling, art, and technology. In previous editions, we have hosted an event space for audiences to gather and “experience” these various works. Obviously, that is not possible this year. That being said, we’re excited to present our first web-based emerging media program, featuring virtual reality, video games, a live performance, soundscapes, augmented reality (AR) and more. While we may not be able to gather in person, we can still share these eye-opening experiences: the artists featured this year invite us to travel across time and space, to explore our inner selves as well as our shared digital worlds.

This year’s selections are wide-ranging, from comedies to documentaries to experimental performances. Participants can virtually dive into the ocean, untangle conspiracy theories, and listen to imagined conversations between plants. They can learn about civil rights via the video game world of Minecraft, or record their own stories to add to an interactive soundscape. The projects draw on a wide range of technologies, including virtual reality, live streaming, game engines, and AI.

While this year’s projects represent diverse experiences, they all feature compelling and creative storytelling. Moreover, these projects don’t just take place in virtual environments—they also explore the potential of new technologies and platforms, and sometimes utilize them in unexpected ways. Many of the selections also demonstrate inventive responses to the challenges of creating and connecting amidst a global pandemic. In a time of deep uncertainty and upheaval, they offer playful escape as well as meaningful explorations of identity, perception, and injustice.


Presented by Ministry of Culture Taiwan and Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles


In this SPOTLIGHT ON TAIWAN/HIFF40 XR TALK STORY, we chat with Hsu about his innovative work across many mediums, especially in VR and ‘machinima,’ and look at the new work flows that are happening in today’s filmmaking, led by Taiwan’s innovation in VR/XR technology to tell new ways of storytelling, as well as retaining the development and production of “traditional” cinema.

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