Orpa (16) is a bookish Papuan girl who is to be married by her father to a wealthy man from Jayapura. Reluctant to accept her fate of becoming an obedient housewife, she decides to run away at night to pursue her dream of attending school in Wamena, where she wants to learn more about the medicinal effects of Papuan plants. During her journey she crosses paths with Ryan (28), a wannabe musician from Jakarta and agrees to take him to Wamena. Their travels are met with difficulties as they are chased by both Orpa’s father and the villagers who accuse Ryan of running from murder. ORPA is the first Papuan major feature film to be directed by a native Papuan, Theo Rumansara, a multihyphenate, who founded the popular rap group Waena''s Finest. In 2020, he entered Jendela Papua, a talent scouting & filmmaking lab program which became foundational for the development of ORPA. He hopes to develop thought provoking films that tell meaningful stories, especially to represent Papua.


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Theo Rumansara


Axel Putra, Dani Huda, Giovanni Rahmadeva, Cornelio Sunny


Orsila Murib, Arnold Kobogau, Michael Kho, Otiana Murib


Fahmy J. Saad