Tatsuo and his daughter Haru run the Takano Tofu Store in Onomichi, Japan. They begin their work before dawn every day, carefully selecting beans to make their tofu. While the days are peaceful, Tatsuo learns he is in poor health and worries about Haru, who has returned home after a divorce, being alone after his death. With the help of some friends, he sets about planning a secret matchmaking strategy to find Haru a partner. The matchmaking seems to go well, but not for long... At the same time, as Tatsuo prepares for the inevitable, he gets closer with an old acquaintance named Fumie, who he bumps into during a hospital visit. Meanwhile, Haru suspects machinations are afoot, and becomes increasingly concerned about her father''s health. TAKANO TOFU is a father-daughter story, a heartfelt drama about lifelong old friends, and a love letter to the bucolic Japanese small town life reflected in countless episodes of ''Soko Ga Siritai'' on KIKU and other nostalgic Japanese films that have unspooled at HIFF over the years.


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Mitsuhiro Mihara


Shoji Masui, Takao Tsuchimoto, Masahiko Yamakawa


Tatsuya Fuji, Kumiko Aso, Kumi Nakamura, Yu Tokui, Sugawara Daaikichi


Shuichiro Suzuki