Hawai‘i filmmakers share photos of FIRE OF LOVE couple from Kilauea 1988

Local filmmaker Mike May with Maurice Krafft at lava lake

One of the buzziest films at this year’s HIFF Spring Showcase is the Sundance winning documentary FIRE OF LOVE from director Sara Dosa.  The film follows the lives and careers of daring French Volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft who traveled across the globe for years chronicling active volcanoes to unravel the mysteries of this fiery, geological phenomenon and capture their explosive beauty. Obviously, one of their frequent spots to visit was Kilauea on Hawai‘i Island.

Veteran cameraman and filmmaker Mike May shared some amazing photos of the Kraffts from 1988, when he and fellow colleagues including award winning cinematographer Paul Atkins, were hired by them to capture Kilauea’s active eruption in 1988.

With permission, here are some photos and thoughts by Mike May:

Maurice & Katia Krafft and French TV executive at Kalapana flow.
Mike May, Maurice, and Les Mastuura at Kilauea flow.

Myself, Paul Atkins, Mike DeGruy & Les Matsuura all worked with them shooting French TV documentary shows and film footage for their personal archive collections.

Maurice Krafft at Lava Lake with Mike DeGruy filming.
Maurice Krafft wearing fire suit gear as lava flow goes through burning Ohia trees

The last 2 shots are from a Thanksgiving turkey roasting session we shot to show the intense heat radiating off a fresh lava flow.

Maurice always brought his own Arriflex SRH 16mm camera gear which we would operate when they needed to be in the shots, on camera. They spent lots of time on Big Island and had many friends in Hilo, Volcano Village and at the Volcano National Park.

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