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Ji-wan is a filmmaker at the crux of a mid-life crisis, flatlining in a middling career after her 3rd film is a flop and stuck in a loveless marriage. Then she gets a catalyst of an opportunity to jump start her career–a restoration of a 1960s classic that purportedly is directed by Korea’s first female …

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Police officer So-eun reluctantly agrees to stand in as the mother of a kidnapped child. When the investigation stalls out, she receives a mysterious phone call. The caller, accusing her of a bad impersonation, demands that she deliver the ransom or her own son will pay the consequences…. Out of options, and unable to inform …

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In this breathtaking revenge thriller, a part-time TGIF server named “Freddie” Pil-ju (Lee Sung-min), in his 80s and suffering from alzheimer’s disease, embarks on a long-awaited vengeance plot against pro-Japanese Imperialism collaborators that led to his family’s death decades before. Recruiting his young work bestie “Jason” In-kyu (Nam Joo-huck) as a driver, he sets off …

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Young Sohee (Kim Si-eun) is a bubbly, tenacious vocational high-school student with a fiery temperament living in rural Korea. She is excited when she lands an externship at a major internet provider’s call center, but the prized office job turns out to be a nightmarish workplace. She is placed under immense pressure from the company …

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For the past five years, Chan-woo has been trying to enlist in the police academy. Although he is obsessed in applying even after a litany of rejections, he is a ubiquitous slacker, and can’t even afford to pay for the application fees, resulting in him asking his friend to lend him money. His friend agrees …

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SQUID GAME superstar Lee Jung-jae makes his directing debut with this 1980s-set thriller, in which he also plays an intelligence chief who uncovers a plot to assassinate the president of South Korea while hunting for a mole within his own agency. Korean superstar Jung Woo-sung co-stars as a fellow agent also trying to smoke out …

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Bride-to-be Yoon waits for her groom Tae-young on their wedding day but he doesn’t show up. Out of concern and anger, she searches for him all day and in the dead of night, she arrives at a strange place called ‘Café Midnight’, which opens from midnight until the sun rises. Upon entering Yoon finally finds …



Academy-Award nominated Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda (SHOPLIFTERS) and a standout cast including Cannes Best actor Song Kang Ho (PARASITE) deliver a nuanced and heartfelt exploration of family, ethics, class, and modern life with the film BROKERS. Set in South Korea, a young mother’s decision to give up her newborn son leads to the discovery of …

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Superstar actor and director Jung Woo-sung will be in attendance for a special post-screening Q&A after the NOV 11 screening. It’s hard to be a Man of Reason with a target on your back. Soo-hyuk wants out of the criminal world after serving 10 years for wiping out his old boss and a clutch of …


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